‘Game of Thrones’ reunion for Peter Dinklage and Jason Momoa with The Good Bad & Undead


Peter Dinklage and Jason Momoa will star in Vampire Movie, The Good Bad & Undead, about a vampire hunter and a vampire who scam towns

The original story, authored by Mark Swift and Damian Shannon, sees Dinklage as the legendary vampire hunter Van Helsing.

However, now he has a relationship with an actual vampire (played by Momoa), and they begins to scam towns by pretending to remove local vampires for money (via Variety). The scheme goes awry, however, when a large bounty is placed on the vampire’s head.

Rumor has the production being directed by Max Barbakow, Sundance alum from his film Palm Springs.

Momoa, recently played Ozzy Osbourne in a music video and sets in Denis Villeneuve’s exciting adaptation of Dune. Dinklage leads opposite Josh Brolin in a Twins-inspired comedy called Brothers.