PAPA JOHN FOUNDER: 30 Pizzas Create Health Scare?


Papa John’s Founder says his previous pizza chain ain’t the equivalent without him – however the manner in which he got to that decision is a touch of upsetting … what’s more, sort of a disease in the works.

John Schnatter plunked down with WDRB in Kentucky to examine how his life’s changed since getting expelled from the organization a year ago after his n-word debate. The enormous takeaway – he’s pigging out on PJ pizza, and severe as hellfire about his exit.

Schnatter says he’s eaten in excess of 40 pies throughout the most recent 30 days to test how the taste has changed since he’s left. As indicated by him, they basically don’t have a similar enchantment as when he was in control.

He proceeds to state he feels his collaborators were out to get him a year ago by purportedly discharging sound of him saying the n-word in a private phone call. He likewise promises for a moment of retribution – however more significantly, he says something regarding Shaq being employed.

As we detailed, the huge man was tapped to join the Papa John Board of Directors this year. In spite of Schnatter’s terminating for boldly utilizing the n-word – he says he’s a fanatic of Shaq getting included … with an admonition.

Cautioning to Schnatter: If the harshness in your heart doesn’t slaughter ya, your stopped up supply routes may. Lay off the pizza, bruh. We get your point …