NFL Troublemaker Colin Kaepernick gets back on the Field?!


At any rate ONE group has focused on sending a rep to the Colin Kaepernick exercise on Saturday – the Miami Dolphins – yet the inquiry is … who will visit???

Keep in mind, one of Colin’s requests is that the exercise must be gone to by genuine shot-guests and chiefs to guarantee the exercise is genuine and not a PR stunt.

Miami Dolphins mentor Brian Flores was inquired as to whether his group will send anybody … since the QB circumstance in MIA is HORRIBLE … what’s more, Flores said they’re anticipating going.

“We’ll have somebody there,” Flores said … “We’ll see what he resembles.”

“We like our quarterback circumstance at the present time. We will do our due steadiness.”

Kaepernick says he expects “lead trainers and GMs” – so we’ll check whether Flores makes the outing.

Then, NY Jets lead trainer Adam Gase was likewise inquired as to whether his group is anticipating going … in any case, he declined to reply, saying he’s centered around the Redskins.

As we recently detailed, Kaepernick is set to turn out in Atlanta on Saturday with expectations of getting once again into the NFL in the wake of being out of the association for a long time.

The Detroit Lions WILL send reps to Colin’s exercise, says mentor Matt Patricia.

“As an association, we generally do our due perseverance on all players that are accessible … so I know [Bob Quinn] and his staff will have somebody down there to watch the exercise and we’ll see where that goes.”

Other lead trainers are saying something regarding the exercise at their Wednesday gatherings with the media …

The Atlanta Falcons state they ALSO plan on having somebody at Kap’s exercise. Not an astonishment in light of the fact that the exercise will occur at the Falcons office.

Denver Broncos – Vic Fangio says he’s uncertain if the group will be in participation.

Houston Texans – Bill O’Brien declined to remark on whether the group will be in participation.

Chicago Bears – Matt Nagy says the group isn’t sure in the event that they’ll have a rep in participation.

Indianapolis Colts – Frank Reich says the group hasn’t settled on an official choice yet.

Baltimore Ravens – John Harbaugh says he doesn’t have a clue whether the group will have a delegate at the QB’s exercise.

Dallas Cowboys – Jason Garrett says he’s “not so much in order” with Kaepernick’s circumstance and is unconscious if the group will send a rep to the exercise.

New England Patriots – Bill Belichick says he’s “not certain” if the group’s intrigued … what’s more, said to check with Nick Caserio, the executive of player work force.